At Conley Manufacturing, we are dedicated to manufacturing tooling for aerospace and automotive and delivering the highest quality components that meet or exceed requirements in a timely manner. 

Our machining capabilities allow us to meet your project challenges. From 5-axis CNC machines, surface grinders and FARO arm quality equipment, Conley Manufacturing is able to accommodate various stages of your current and future projects.


Haas UMC 1000 5-Axis

25” x 25” x 40”

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Haas VF 4  3-Axis 

20” x 50” x 25”



(2) V56 – 20” x 20” x 40” – Coming Soon

VM 3.jpg

Haas VM3

26” x 26” x 40”

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Haas VF 2  3-Axis 

16” x 36” x 20”

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9 Foot Faro ARM


Line Card6.jpg

Surface Grinder